For passengers travelling from the Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, due to long line ups at the CATSA security check point and to avoid missing your flight, please plan additional time for check-in of at least 2 hours prior to your flight departure.

Until further notice, please note that our flights 906, 922 and 928 will land at our Montreal FBO/Hangar, at the following address, 9475 Ryan Avenue, Dorval, Qc, H9P 1A2. Upon request to one of our customers service agents, we are offering shuttle services between the FBO/Hangar and PET. Please plan for connections onto other flights as they are not guaranteed. Departures of flights 905, 921 and 927 will continue to be from the Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport.



1) For passengers going through security (YVO, YMT and YUL): Anyone who appears 18 years or older, must present one government issued photo I.D. or two pieces of government issued non-photo I.D. with at least one of these containing name, date of birth and gender.

For passengers at all other stations: 

Same as above. Anyone under the age of 18 must be properly be identified by the parent or guardian. 

2) Baggage weight allowance per passenger (excluding infants) of 44lbs/20kg – excess fees will be charged if necessary. NOTE: there is NO extra charge for wheelchairs, strollers, car seats and any other device that the passenger needs to function normally. However, there is NO baggage allowance for INFANTS. – Unless a seat has been purchased for the baby. 

3) Make sure all baggage has a name tag and is properly identified. 


1) Passengers are to check in at least 45 minutes before scheduled departure.

Travel Recommended check-in time* Check-in/baggage drop-off deadline** Boarding gate deadline*** From Montreal 45 minutes N/A 30 minutes From all other stations 45 minutes 30 minutes N/A 


Carry-on baggage may consist of no more than one small piece other than a small purse (10x12x8 inches). All carry-on baggage must fit in the sizing device at the check-in counter and must be stored either under the seat or in the overhead compartment onboard the aircraft. The maximum weight for the carry on is 13lbs (6kgs) on the Dash 8.

NOTE: BAGGAGE SKYCHECK SERVICE is available between YULYVOYUL and YULYMTYUL only. The weight of the SKYCHECK baggage is included in the 44lbs allowance for checked baggage and is limited to one piece per passenger and must fit in the test device. 


Live animals must be stowed in approved hard shell kennel (no soft shell kennels/container) and will be placed in the baggage compartment. Upon request, size permitting, an approved kennel may be stowed under the passenger’s seat. We do not accept wire cages.

Air Creebec does not insure live animals. 

Live animals will be treated separately and is NOT part of the chargeable excess baggage. 

a) When live animals are accepted as checked-baggage/cargo, the following rules apply: 

i) The minimum charge of $125.00 plus taxes is applied. If the weight of the animal exceeds the minimum charges, the charge will be calculated as per cargo procedures (weight multiplied by tariff). If same day delivery is requested, Air Creebec Express charges will be applied. 

ii) NOTE: the minimum charge is always applied, regardless if the passenger is travelling with no luggage. 

b) When live animals are accepted as a carry-on, the following rules apply: 

i) The minimum charge of $125.00 plus taxes is applied. 

ii) The animal must be in an approved hard shelled kennel. 

iii) The maximum allowable weight for both the animal and in-cabin pet kennel must not exceed 6kg/13lbs and the maximum size must not exceed 9″X10″X15″ (22.5cmX25cmX37.5cm). 

iv) The kennel must be stored under the seat directly in front of the passenger and the animal must remain in the kennel for the entire duration of the trip. 


Air Creebec will accept for transportation, without fees, a service animal required to assist a person with a disability provided the animal is properly harnessed and certified in writing, as being trained by a professional service animal institution.

Seeing-eye dog, Hearing-ear or Search and Rescue dogs etc. will be permitted in the cabin when accompanying a passenger dependant on them. The dog must be harnessed and remain with the passenger but is not allowed to occupy a seat or restrict access to an aisle or exit. 


• All children two (2) years or older must be ticketed and assigned a seat.

• One (1) adult who is at least 18 years old may accompany an unlimited number of children under 11 years old but not more than one (1) infant. 

• Air Creebec will not accept a child under 5 years old travelling alone. This child MUST be accompanied by an adult at least 18 years of age. 

• Infant (INFT) – passengers under the age of two (2) must be travelling with an adult of at least 18 years or older and that adult can travel with only one infant. 


Children between the ages of 5-11 years will be accepted for transportation, unaccompanied by a passenger 18 years of age or older, anywhere in the Air Creebec system, provided at the time of acceptance, and Unaccompanied Minor Service Request form is completed and signed by the person checking in that child for the flight. The parent who is checking in the child must stay at the airport until the flight has departed.

UM Service Charges: 

Unaccompanied minors travelling on the UM Service provided by the carrier will be subject to the applicable adult fare plus: 

A fee of $40.00 plus taxes per minor child, each direction will be charged for using the UM service. This is a non-refundable charge. When two or more minors are travelling together, only one (1) UM service charge in each direction will apply. 

We accept responsibility for their care from the time of check-in at the airport of departure until they are handed over to the designated person meeting that child at the airport of destination. 

NOTE: Air Creebec will not accept a UM passenger who has a connection onto another airline. 

Air Creebec will NOT accept more than three (3) UM passengers per flight. 

*Advise person who brought the UM to the counter to leave the airport only once the flight has departed*. 


A pregnant passenger who is in her 36th weeks of pregnancy must fill a “Pregnancy Medical Clearance Form” having been examined by a physician or qualified personnel within 72 hours of flight departure and is physically fit to travel.

This form must be submitted in duplicate by the passenger to the counter agent at check-in and a copy is given to the flight attendant prior to the flight. 

If this form is not presented, the passenger will be denied boarding. 


Air Creebec does not provide oxygen for passenger use. The passenger has to have his/her own oxygen tank.

They are entitled to (2) oxygen tanks, which will be placed in a container. One which they will keep in front of them for use, the other stowed under their seat. We accept a maximum of one (1) Type D oxygen tank per container. There are two containers on each Dash-8 aircraft only. 


The Canadian Aviation Security Regulations (CASR) does NOT allow anyone with a loaded weapon onboard an aircraft nor to have access to ammunition onboard. A peace officer, this includes bodyguards who are members of a police force assigned to government ministers for protection and game wardens are allowed to travel onboard with an UNLOADED firearm under certain conditions: 1) The officer informs the carrier prior to departure time. 2) The “Notice to Armed Individuals and Escort Officers” form must be completed and the proper identification with the officer’s full facial picture and signature and the signature of an authorized representative of the organization employing the peace officer. 3) The firearm and ammunition are separated. Ammunition must be checked as checked luggage. It must be properly packed and weigh no more than 5 kg.

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